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JANUARY 2023 …
I once read how there are two types of people: ‘nomads at heart’ and ‘the rest’.  Those of you who know me, of course, know my view that people can’t usefully be categorised, and yet…
… here I am. I’m displaying many  symptoms of a ‘nomad at heart’, hoping to cycle my way through 2023.
I’m unsure what to expect but honoured you have joined me here. Whether you arrived on this page by mistake, for a quick once-only look, or to sign up by email for new posts, welcome!


… May 2019.  An opportunity to meet up with my grandsons and their parents, spend time helping elephants, and cycle across Vietnam and Laos, all the while raising awareness and funds to take action to reduce waste is too good to miss.  So I’m setting off…..


… April 2017.  A volunteer position in Central African Republic hit centre screen of my Facebook feed earlier this year.  And centre screen of my curiosity too. So here I am….


…..It is January 2016 and I am on my first long cycle ride in decades, the first time even on a bike for more than 12 months, an overnight camping expedition to Whangaruru on the east coast. My year ahead is looking a bleak empty canvas, unframed and lacking focus, when the thought occurs – why no go cycle touring myself? So I am.

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